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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Visiting and Exploring the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

Jamestown Settlement in Virginia
We love to travel especially up and down the east coast. When looking for new places to visit, we like to look for ones that are rich in history, educational and fun for the entire family. You'll get all three of those when you visit the Jamestown Settlement in Virginia.

This historical and educational settlement is a living history museum that tells the story of 17th century Virginia and the arrival of the Europeans in Jamestown in 1607. It's located near the original site of Jamestown and is open year-round.
Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

The story and history of Jamestown comes to life with this living history museum and exhibits. On-site you can dine at the Jamestown Cafe and shop at the gift shop after you've explored the settlement. When visiting, you'll want to plan to spend at least 3 hours there, so that you can see and do all of the things that this tourist attraction has to offer.

While visiting you'll learn about the James Fort, Powhatan Indians & their village, the early settlers of this great nation and you'll see replicas of the settler's ships, the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery. These ships are absolutely fantastic to see! It's really amazing how these ships were able to cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean and compared to ships of today, it's really fun to see them!
Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

Driving Directions: The Jamestown Settlement is located on 2110 Jamestown Road, Route 31 S. in Williamsburg Virginia.

GPS Coordinates: 37.225069,-76.786218
Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

On a recent trip down to Virginia Beach we decided to drive to the Jamestown Settlement and explore everything they had to offer. We spent about 2 1/2 hours there and trust me, it wasn't enough time, so the next time we are down vacationing in the area, we plan on stopping in again and this time will block off an entire afternoon.
Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

When walking around, I really suggest that you take your time, read and look at the exhibits, and really let all of that history sink in. I took a LOT of photos while we were there and once back at our hotel, I wrote down some notes from our day, so that I wouldn't forget them. You know, as we age, we tend to forget things and I'm the type of person that likes to thoroughly document our vacations.
Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

We are hoping to take both of our grandchildren there in the near future for a learning experience. I think it will help them when it comes to learning about the history of our great nation. This place is truly amazing and we really enjoyed our visit! Here's to looking into the future and planning a second visit as soon as we can!

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jopb said...

This would be fun and a wonderful learning experience. I would enjoy seeing all the historical sites and replicas of the daily living of the different peoples.