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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Visiting Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg for Family Fun!

Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
My family loves the great outdoors and one of our favorite stores to shop at is the Bass Pro Shops located at the Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. This particular store is located within 15 minutes of our home and our grandchildren love visiting the store!

If you've never visited one, it's a great place for families. During the Easter and Christmas holidays, our local store offers pictures taken with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. We've been taking the kids to have their pictures taken there for the past 4 years.
Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
As you walk through our local store, they have all kinds of realistic exhibits & displays set up for the kids to enjoy. Our local store has a huge aquarium with various fish swimming around in it too. All of these exhibits and displays are great for educating your kids on wildlife and nature, plus, they're great for picture-taking too! 

Harrisburg, PA | Bass Pro Shops
3501 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111
GPS Coordinates:
40.2542ºN, 76.8320ºW
Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Our local Bass Pro Shops store has seasonal events throughout the year for the entire family to enjoy. Some of these events are free and others are very low-cost. When you walk through our local store, you'll find that each department has a mural that was painted by a Pennsylvania artist which is really cool if you enjoy looking at art. State and record fish & wildlife mounts are displayed alongside local historical prints featuring early tourists and residents enjoying all types of outdoor adventures.
Harrisburg Mall in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Every time we visit, our little grand daughter likes to sit in what she calls the "Big Black Bear Chair". I have to admit, I love taking her picture when she sits in that chair and compare it to the previous pictures that I've taken. It's fun to see how she's growing up so quickly!

Check out their website to find a location near you and to see what kind of seasonal events that they're hosting. If you're looking for a family-friendly activity to do...go shopping at the Bass Pro Shops or just go browsing like we do! I guarantee you, the kids will have a good time!

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jopb said...

This Bass Pro Shop is a cool place to visit. I love all the realistic exhibits and displays and your granddaughter looks very cute in the bear chair.