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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Top 7 Activities while Traveling on a Limo Service in Atlanta

Top 7 Things to See & Do in Atlanta Georgia
It’s little wonder why a lot of tourists choose to visit Atlanta. With its great exposure on TV shows and movies as well as great reviews about the fun activities you can do there, who wouldn’t be thrilled to take a tour while on a limo service in Atlanta? If you find yourself booking a trip to Atlanta, be sure to jot down your itinerary. Otherwise, you might miss out on the best things to do there. You might also want to check out our list to get you started as you plan your trip:

Revisit history at the Underground Atlanta
A primary tourist attraction, Underground Atlanta gives you a feel of historic storefronts. If you are a fan of those, do not forget to include this in your itinerary. You can also buy souvenirs and have a bite to eat while you’re at it.

Have a feast at The Varsity
The Varsity goes hand-in-hand with your quest to revisit history. This well-known restaurant has been around for eons – it will surely pique your interest. Aside from eating to your heart’s content, the place also offers a number of must-see spots to make your short stay even more enjoyable.

Visit the Coke Museum
Atlanta is best known for the World of Coke, so don’t you dare leave the city without taking a look at what it has to offer. Here you’ll find a beautiful museum while getting more familiar with the history of Coke. You can also experience tasting Coke from cities all over the world – definitely not something you can get to do on a daily basis.

Enjoy shopping and watching at the Atlantic Station
If you ever need to buy anything while you are on your trip, why not take a tour of the Atlantic Station? This place is an open shopping center where you can buy anything and everything under the sun. It also boasts of regular programming that you can watch and enjoy for that extra entertainment.

Stroll at the Lenox Square Mall
The Lenox Square Mall is another destination that many tourists visit, not only because of the designer stores but also because of the celebrities who frequent the place. If you like that kind of stuff, go ahead and take a look at what this mall has to offer. You just might bump into your favorite celebrity while having a stroll.

Enjoy the sights at the Skyview Atlanta
If you’re up to more beautiful sights while traveling, make a stop at the Skyview Atlanta. The place offers amazing sceneries. You will surely love it there.

See marine life up close at the Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium takes pride in being one of the largest single habitat aquariums in the world. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t miss visiting this place when you get to Atlanta. You’ll be amazed at the aquatic resources you’ll see up close.

Nothing beats leaving your daily grind for a while enjoying life aboard a limo service in Atlanta. Make the most out of that experience by putting together your itinerary and including all these wonderful activities and tourist destinations in your list.

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jopb said...

I would love to travel to Atlanta and enjoy some of its attractions. I did not realize that Coke tasted different in different countries.