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Sunday, February 26, 2017

5 Beautiful American Cities with Casino's

5 Beautiful American Cities with Casino's
If you’re feeling lucky, it’s time to plan a vacation to one of these beautiful gambling cities. Each of them will offer a unique selection of table games, slot machines, accommodations, shows, music concerts and dining options. Each location has fun attractions nearby that you can enjoy during the day and then hit up the casino & entertainment at night.

Here are 5 Beautiful American Cities with Casino's 

1. Reno, Nevada – Proudly known as, “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is home to a number of casinos that have a certain small town charm. Expect some of the friendliest casino service that you’ve ever seen, complete with smiles and complimentary breakfast. While it may not have the wild nightlife some gamblers enjoy, if you’re looking for some excellent gaming, look no further.
Trump Taj Mahal Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey – Ever since 1977, Atlantic City has become the gambling haven of the east coast. It is filled with enough casinos and nightclubs to keep any gambler satisfied for days on end. With a legendary boardwalk and a unique Jersey vibe, Atlantic City has become one of the most famous gambling cities on the entire east coast. If you love white sandy beaches, this is one location you need to visit.
The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas Nevada

3. Las Vegas, Nevada – World renowned for featuring a unique night life and unrivaled hotels, Las Vegas has become the epitome of a gambling city. With hundreds of Las Vegas hotels to stay at, any type of budget can be accommodated. Each of the casinos, and their attached hotels, have unique themes that propel their own games, entertainment and dining. Some are really upscale while others have a casual vibe.

4. Phoenix, Arizona – Perhaps best known for its scorching hot summers, Phoenix is a surprisingly desirable gaming location. While gambling within the city itself is illegal, there are a number of Native American reservations that surround the city. These reservations feature super-fun casinos that host a variety of games and exciting entertainment packages to thrill you.
Casino in Las Vegas Nevada

5. New Orleans, Louisiana – This legendary center of debauchery wouldn’t be complete without a variety of casinos to choose from. Whether you prefer the bayou or the busy streets, you’ll be right at home with some Blackjack or slot machine action. You'll find upscale accommodations and affordable ones for those of you who are on a tight budget and hoping to hit it big.

While we don't promote gambling as a way of life, it can be fun to get away for a weekend and let loose in one of the casinos. Personally though, I enjoy going to them more for the shows & entertainment while my husband does enjoy sitting down and playing the slots.

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jopb said...

Casinos have recently become much more popular. As you can see many are located in beautiful cities.