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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Visiting Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience

Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience
Experience the world of Longwood Gardens…a place to see dazzling displays that elevate the art of horticulture…a place to enjoy performances that inspire…a place to watch majestic fountains spring to life…a place to relax and reconnect with nature.

Discover Longwood Gardens storied heritage and the indelible mark of their founder, Pierre S. du Pont, which guides us today. Explore one of the great gardens of the world, from their 4-acre Conservatory to the splendor of their 20 outdoor gardens. Step out of your world and into theirs…where the living things that surround you make you feel more alive.
Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience

In the Fall of 2015 we had the pleasure of visiting Longwood Gardens which is a short drive from downtown Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. We got to experience the new attraction called Nightscape. If you missed it in 2015, don't worry, it returns during August 2016 and will run through the end of October 2016. You can find out more by visiting their website.

So, what is Nightscape? It’s an amazing light and sound experience by Klip Collective. Nightscape transforms the Gardens into a living canvas where light dances with shadow, music fills the air, and your imagination soars. When the sun sets, your journey begins. Experience a new kind of beauty as you immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and spectacle of Longwood after dark.
Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience

When we visited, we stayed for an entire 2 hours roaming around Longwood Gardens. We really took our time so that we could enjoy all of the botanical gardens, light shows and everything that they have to offer. All of the photos in this travel post were taken by us and trust me, it's pretty dark in some of those areas and hard to get decent photos!

If you have allergies to flowers and botanical plants, this is probably one activity you should skip, or at the very least...take your allergy medication before going. For people like me who have no allergies, this is a wonderful family-friendly activity for you to do while visiting the Philadelphia area.
Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience

I completely enjoyed this experience, because I love gardening. As you walk through all of the displays, you'll enjoy some of the sweetest floral aromas that your nose has ever enjoyed! The music and lights are totally relaxing in some areas and other can really get your energy going! There is something for everyone to enjoy.
After visiting, we enjoyed dinner at the Longwood Gardens Fine Dining Restaurant called the 1906. This is fine dining at it's best! The food was absolutely delicious and you got decent portions with your order. Just a warning though, this place isn't cheap, but the money you spend is well worth it if you enjoy delicious cuisine! It was definitely one of the best meals I had while visiting Philly.
Longwood Gardens and the Nightscape Experience

Each season, Longwood Gardens offers a different experience…Orchid Extravaganza, Spring Blooms, Summer Spectacular, Autumn’s Colors and A Longwood Christmas. You can visit each season during the year and experience something totally new and fun! It's a definite must-see when visiting Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Note: You can click on each photo in this travel feature. It will load into a slideshow and will be in an enlarged size, so that you can see all of the smaller details. If you're on Pinterest, make sure you come and follow our Pennsylvania travel boards!

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jopb said...

My son took us to Longwood Gardens a few years ago during the Christmas season.. We loved all the displays and beautiful lighring displays. I would love to visit there again.