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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shopping at Green Dragon Farmer's and Flea Market

Green Dragon Farmer's and Flea Market in Ephrata PA
Green Dragon Farmer's Market, Flea market and Auction is one of Lancaster County's largest indoor and outdoor farmer's market! Not only is this huge place a farmer's market, but it's also a flea market and auction center too!

The Green Dragon is located at 955 State Street in Ephrata Pennsylvania and is open every Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM. Yup, that's the ONLY day of the week that they're open, so you'll want to plan your visit accordingly. Parking and admission is free. Every time we go, we find decent parking, but we tend to visit on Friday afternoons between 2 and 4 PM. I'm not sure what parking is like during other times of the day.
Green Dragon Farmer's Market
Once your on the property you'll find a lot of outdoor flea market vendors selling all sorts of different things. Some vendors sell brand new items, some sell used items and you'll find collectibles too. You'll want to wear comfortable walking shoes and if you plan on doing a lot of shopping, a large shopping tote will help too.
Green Dragon Farmer's Market
The property is made up of several large buildings and several smaller buildings. If you're looking to buy homemade candies, deli foods and/or meats...the majority of those vendors are housed in the large buildings. All buildings and some restrooms are handicap accessible.

Types of items you can find at Green Dragon are vast! You'll find clothing, country home decor, handcrafted candles, sunglasses, handbags & wallets, t-shirts, footwear, jewelry, crafts, fresh foods, produce, bakery items, fully cooked foods & meals, specialty items, candy shops and more! Some vendors accept debit/credit cards, while others will only accept cash.
Green Dragon Farmer's and Flea Market

Every Friday they host three different auctions: small animals, housewares and hay/straw. The schedule for the auctions along with their guidelines are posted on the Green Dragon Farmer's Market website. 


jopb said...

I am going to be visiting my son who lives near the Penn. border. I don't know if he would be willing to travel to a flea market like this one. I would love to go there.

jopb said...

This is such a large event . I would love to go and explore all the different sections. I am sure I would find a lot of items to buy.