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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Things to See and Do in Middletown Pennsylvania

Things to See and Do in Middletown Pennsylvania
Middletown in Pennsylvania is located in Dauphin County, along the banks of the mighty Susquehanna River. The center of town sits about 12 miles south of Harrisburg and was incorporated as a borough in 1828. It's one of those smaller, old towns that is located 3 miles from Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant. Yes, that same nuclear plant you heard of back in the late 1970's that had a partial meltdown in one of it's reactors.
Harrisburg International Airport Water Tower
The town is home to Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) where flights come and go 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's located 9 miles southeast of Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania. It's the main public airport in south central PA. It's been serving Pennsylvania residents and businesses for over 100 years. As you drive through the town, you'll most likely "spot" one of the Harrisburg International Airport's water towers.
Lytle Farms Barn in Middletown Pennsylvania

The town is very diverse and has approximately 10,000 residents. As you drive through town you'll see some very old buildings & homes, Victorian mansions, large homesteads, family duplexes and several farms on the outskirts as you enter or leave the area. If you're like me and love looking at old barns, you'll find several in this area that are worth a look-see. We spotted this gorgeous barn at Lytle Farms.
Downtown Streets in Middletown Pennsylvania
As we were cruising through, we spotted several fast-food restaurants, a few neighborhood bars, sit-down casual restaurants, an old diner and several other establishments that offer food & beverages. You'll also see several shopping plazas, a few boutiques and other type's of stores. Some of the streets can be narrow due to parking on both sides.
Saturday's Market - Flea and Farmer's Market in Middletown

If you're looking for a few things to see and do, you can try visiting Saturday's Market which is the largest indoor & outdoor flea market & farmer's market in Pennsylvania. It's open (indoors and outdoors) every Saturday (year-round) and on Sundays (outdoors) year-round. They have FREE parking and admission is free.
Doc's Family Fun Center & Rollerskating Rink in Middletown Pennsylvania

Middletown has an old-time roller skating rink called Doc's Family Fun Center where you can spend some time on the hardwoods rollerskating around. If you're looking for more exciting things to see and do, I would suggest you take the 15 minute drive into Hershey or Harrisburg where you'll find miniature golf courses, shopping malls, Hersheypark, Zoo America, museums, etc. Both Hershey & Harrisburg have a lot of fun activities for you to enjoy.
Angie's Diner in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Looking for something to eat? A lot of the locals recommend heading to Angie's Diner (Restaurant) and Lounge located on Eisenhower Blvd. in Harrisburg, It's just a short car ride away. Angie's is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as cocktails & alcoholic beverages. Out of the two eateries we're featuring in this post today, Angie's is definitely the better one to go to.
Guido McNeals Bar & Restaurant in Middletown Pennsylvania

If you have a hankering for a few beers & cocktails, the locals like to hangout at Guido McNeals. It's located at 9 East Main Street in Middletown. They have a few pool tables that seem to attract the younger crowd (college kids) in the area. It's a combination restaurant and bar. When we visited, we found their food to be edible, but not great. The only thing my husband really enjoyed was the ice cold beer. Frankly, there are a lot better places in the area you can visit, including fast-food restaurants. Sorry, we just weren't impressed with this place at all.
Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant in Middletown Pennsylvania

Middletown is nothing really special and it's definitely not the type of place you want to plan a vacation to. If your passing through or staying nearby, you can cruise on through and see if there is something there that interest's you.

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There seem to be more things to do in Middletown than one would realize. I would love to visit the indoor flea and produce market