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Monday, April 17, 2017

Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers!

Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers
We do a lot of traveling and when we travel, we like to take extra lighting along with us. Hotels & motels have power outages often and even with generator back-up, you don't get the lighting that you need. If you're traveling by car or going camping, you can always use additional lighting for emergencies or during the dark nighttime hours.

A few months ago I received a complimentary portable solar light to review for all of you. One of the things we love about the Luci Inflatable Solar Lights is that it's indeed inflatable! You collapse it when not in use (takes up very little room in your backpack or luggage) and then inflate it when you need it.
Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers
Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers
When we are traveling outdoors...we will set the inflatable lantern/light outside during the daytime hours so that it charges up via the sun. Then when evening rolls around, you can turn on your portable lantern when you need additional light. This particular inflatable light has 3 different light settings (low light, high light and a flashing light) and it super easy to operate with the push of a button.
Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers
When it comes to inflating took me less than 2 minutes to blow it up and trust me, my lungs aren't too great at my old age, so I bet you could get it inflated in less than one minute. The top of the light has a little carrying strap or you could use that strap to hang it up. Since it's made out of plastic, it's water resistant which makes it great to use at the lake, poolside, while boating, fishing, etc.
Luci Inflatable Solar Lights - Great for Travelers
These solar lights are perfect for those of us who travel a lot, go camping and/or hiking, spend time out on a boat, at the lake, etc. When we aren't traveling, we like to use it poolside! It floats nicely on top of the water and gives us additional lighting during the evening hours. Finally, I love that the kids can use these solar lights and I don't have to worry about them dropping them and breaking them. They're as light as a small beach ball, so they weight next-to-nothing!

You can find the Luci Inflatable Solar Lights available for purchase at Gander Mountain retail stores and online. Personally, I think this product is fantastic and now we want to get a few more!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary product to feature in this blog post. No monetary compensation was received. Regardless of receiving the product, our thoughts and words are 100% our own unbiased opinion. Your thoughts may differ.

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jopb said...

I love that this is a collapsible/inflatable solar light. It makes so easy to pack and take anywhere, I also appreciate the 3 serttings.