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Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Ways to Make Money at the Beach this Summer

5 Ways to Make Money at the Beach this Summer
Does spending workday at the beach appeal to you? If yes, you will be happy to know that there are a number of job opportunities at the beach. The beach is often associated with vacation, fun, and relaxation. But you can take advantage of the tourism in this terrain. Here are some ways you can make money at the beach especially during summer.

1. Attend to guests’ needs- beach attendant jobs are often seasonal but there are hotels that require full-time employees for this position. Your main responsibility is to greet guests as they arrive and depart from the beach. The best part is that you can make hundreds of dollars just from tips during peak season. Be knowledgeable about your locality so you can help the guests in case they make an inquiry about nearby restaurants and other amenities.

2. Cafe jobs- juice bars and cafes are everywhere. Right now most of these establishments also accept interns and college students who need extra income. As long as you know a thing or two about bartending and food preparation, there's surely a job waiting for you. It will also be part of your duty to maintain the cleanliness of the bar or the cafe.

3. Teach surfing- for surfing pros out there, why don't you share your skills and start your own surfing clinic? To do so, you will need to know the complete set of requirements from the International Surfing Association. In case you are not yet ready to set up your own surfing school, apply as a surf instructor. Many surfing schools need skilled surfers since they were required to have a low student-to-instructor ratio.
5 Ways to Make Money at the Beach this Summer

4. Rent beach equipment- you can make money out of renting gears and accessories that are just sitting in your garage. These days you can even rent out linens such as bath towels, washcloth, and bath mats. However, do note that there are establishments that own a part of the beach and they would definitely want a portion of your rental proceeds. If allowed, take the proactive approach in dealing with people and you can get clients in no time.

5. Hunt treasures on the sand- last but not the least is a job that is not as common as all the other jobs mentioned above. However, metal detecting is a fun activity especially if you have the penchant for hunting coins and jewelry. Check out this Metal Detector list for the best equipment to start your treasure hunting. If you are just starting out, it is best to try out affordable and lightweight units. Look for the ones that have an easy to read LCD screen. Only invest in the more expensive detectors with deep capabilities as you move along.

Beach attractions are always filled with activities and tourists. If you are living in a beach community, there is always a way to earn extra cash. Some businesses may not be as lucrative as the others, like renting your home or starting up a bar. But you can always make money. It can be as simple as selling local merchandise or even cold water! Every guest has their own needs. Just observe. Help them with their needs and get cash in return.

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