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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Classic Sights You'll See Around Wildwood

The Beach in Wildwood New Jersey
When it comes to visiting the Jersey Shore, North Wildwood is our favorite place to be. While many of the southern Jersey areas are beautiful, we think North Wildwood has the best (free) beaches, the best place to sit and dolphin watch and's the prettiest part of the entire Wildwoods island!

Today, I'm sharing some photos that we took on one of our recent trips down to Wildwood. These are common sights you'll see while visiting this popular island, and's an island!
Morey's Amusement Park Rides in Wildwood

First you are coming across one of the three major bridges leading onto the island, you'll most likely see the famous Ferris Wheel that sits on Morey's Piers...right off the boardwalk. You can see it from MOST areas on the island and is an icon for locals and tourists alike. I got this beautiful shot just as the sun was setting one night and you can see the beautiful colors in the sky and the neon carnival-style lights!
Wyland Whale Wall on Wildwood Boardwalk

If you're walking up and down the famous boardwalk...look for the Wyland Whaling Wall that sits on the side of one of the buildings. The Wylan Whale Wall is quite large and you won't miss it, if you're looking for it. Every time we travel, we try to visit various Wyland Whaling Whales all over the United States and several are overseas too!
Playground on the Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

Another great thing about Wildwood are their beautiful playgrounds. If you're taking the kids to the Jersey Shore, they have some of the best public playgrounds around. This particular one sits right on the beach in North Wildwood, not far from where the official start of the boardwalk begins. My grand daughter LOVES playing at this playground and it makes for some great picture-taking opportunities for the kids!
The Wildwood Convention Center in New Jersey

At the south end of the boardwalk you'll find the Wildwood Convention Center. They host business events, expos, fairs, music concerts, sporting events, etc. You can find their schedule online and often times you can buy tickets for the events online too. If the event isn't sold out, you can buy them at the ticket office at-the-door. During the summertime, you may have an issue finding parking nearby, so plan ahead if you're attending any of the big events or shows.
The Famous WILDWOODS Sign in New Jersey

Right next door to the Convention Center you'll find those famous Beach Balls! Thousands upon thousands of people every year stop by to see them and they make for some great picture-taking opportunities for you and the family. The kids love to sit on them to have their photographs taken! They are a lot larger than what they appear in my pics! Fun!!!
Wildwood New Jersey Water Tower

If you're driving around or walking around the central Wildwood area, You'll probably see the iconic Wildwood Water Tower looming above. Every coastal town along the coast seems to have one of these water towers and I've photographed many of them over the years. Just drive around from one coastal town to another and you'll see them for sure!
The Beach in Wildwood New Jersey

Finally, I want to talk about the beautiful Wildwood beaches! You'll find wide beaches that are cleaned and maintained every day during the in-season. They're free beaches and you'll find plenty of paid parking nearby. There is free parking too, but you have to park several blocks away to get those limited spaces. During the in-season they have lifeguard on-duty to keep you and your family safe.
TripAdvisor Traveler's Award for Wildwood New Jersey

If you're interested in visiting Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Avalon or Cape May in New Jersey, you'll find hundreds of travel blog posts here on this blog about the south Jersey Shore. We've blogged many times about the things you an do while visiting the area, places you can eat and places you can stay. You'll find it all in our NEW JERSEY section of our travel blog.

Note: All photos in this travel feature are clickable. If you click on them, they will open up in a new window & in an enlarged size. This will allow you to see all of the pretty details up close & personal.

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