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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Visiting the Dauphin County Veteran's Memorial in Harrisburg

Dauphin County Veteran's Memorial in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
We live in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and I have to admit...We didn't know that the Dauphin County Veteran's Memorial even existed. We stumbled upon it purely by accident while visiting Italian Lake a few months ago. It sits right beside Italian Lake and is within a few yards of the former William Penn High School and the Zembo Shrine.

From the research that we've was originally located at the North Second and State Streets intersection of downtown Harrisburg from 1866 to 1876, as a tribute to Dauphin County’s Civil War soldiers. Over the years it was neglected and due to the natural weather elements, it had eroded and needed repaired. Once it was refurbished and repaired in 1960, it was moved to its current location at Third and Division Streets in Harrisburg.
Dauphin County Veteran's Memorial in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

It stands 110 feet high, weighs over 600 tons, and was cut from stone taken from the banks of the Susquehanna River. The stone plaque is inscribed: "To the soldiers of Dauphin County who gave their lives for the life of the Union in the suppression of the rebellion 1861-1865. Erected by their fellow citizens." You'll have to get up close to the memorial monument if you want to read the inscription.

If you're looking to visit the memorial, you'll find free parking nearby. We parked on a side street along Italian Lake and walked over to it. If you're going to be visiting Italian Lake, Zembo Shrine or even the Polyclinic Medical Campus, stop on by for a visit and to pay your respects.

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jopb said...

It is always interesting to find new historical monuments. I enjoy visiting them and finding out about the history of the area.