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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Recy-Cow Artistic Cow Parade Statue in Harrisburg

The Cow Parade is one of the largest and most successful public art events in the world. All of the cows in the parade are life-size and were painted by various artists. They are then put on display, sold or auctioned off to raise money. Individuals, groups and companies can sponsor an artist and/or artistic cow design.

Recy-Cow Artistic Cow Parade Statue in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
According to their web site, over 250 million people worldwide have seen at least one of their artistic cows on display. I know here in south central Pennsylvania, I have seen them a few times...mainly at local tourist attractions and events.

We love street art and when we travel...we try to document what we see. Luckily for us, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and the surrounding area has several of the commissioned pieces that have been featured in the Cow Parade. If you want to see a few of the other artistic bovines that we've located in the area, you can read our previous Cow Parade feature on that.
Recy-Cow Artistic Cow Parade Statue in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

While running around the Harrisburg area...we spotted another cow and today we're documenting it right here on our blog. We know from past experience...that other's are on the hunt for these adorable bovines too!

Name: Recy-Cow
Owned By: Just Cabinets
Artists: Jan and Jeff Urey
Location: Just Cabinets Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Note: You'll find it sitting right out front of the store on Linglestown Road

Recy-Cow depicts the importance of recycling and is done in a bright lime green color. The artist decorated her with mosaic designs that are made up of broken pieces of glass, stoneware and ceramics. Other sections are decorated with recycled pieces of rusted metal and around the cow's neck you'll find a piece of a rubber tire. I'm assuming that's her scarf and that she's a recycled Fashionista.
Recy-Cow Artistic Cow Parade Statue in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

The cow statue is decorated beautifully on all sides and is anchored securely on a heavy cement or rock slab. They're life-sized and are typically well cared for by their owners. Her udders have a very important message for us all and hand-painted onto the udders it says:

"It's Udder Nonsense Not To Recy-Cow!"

We love checking out all of the various bovines who are part of the Cow Parade, especially the ones that we locate around our great state of Pennsylvania. As we find them, we'll document them here on the blog, so that you can go out and easily locate them too!

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jopb said...

These recycled cow statues are beautifully done and I would love to see more of them.