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Saturday, November 4, 2017

9 Fun Things to See and Do on Sunset Beach in Cape May

9 Fun Things to See and Do on Sunset Beach in Cape May
Sunset Beach is one of the prettiest beaches in Cape May, New Jersey and is perfect for an afternoon of family fun! The beach is located on the southern tip of New Jersey and doesn't require any beach tags and offers-up free parking! This beach has been voted into the top 25 beaches in America by Trip Advisor and Travelers Choice.

9 Fun Things to See and Do on Sunset Beach in Cape May
Gift Shops in Sunset Beach Cape May New Jersey

1. Shopping: There are 3 gift shops for you to shop from! The main Sunset Beach Gift Shop offers jewelry, collectibles, home decor, holiday items, Cape May apparel, gourmet pre-packaged foods and more! Across the street you'll find 2 additional gift shops selling apparel, garden items, collectible rocks, minerals and seashells, jewelry, children's toys, beach items and more!
Sunset Beach Shops and Grille in Cape May

2. Food: Located directly on the beach is the Sunset Beach Grille which is open seasonally. You can get hot sandwiches, french fries, hot dogs, burgers, cold drinks and other fast-food type's of items. You can take them on-the-go or sit there right on the beach to enjoy them.
Sunset Beach in Cape May New Jersey

3. Free Beach: As I previously stated, no beach tags are required for you to be on Sunset Beach! You can take a leisurely beach walk to collect shells, search for Cape May diamonds or just sit and watch the waves & boats go by. Forget your beach chairs? Don't worry, you can sit on some park benches and enjoy the beautiful views too!

4. Evening Flag Ceremony: is a 44+ year old tradition and is a nightly ceremony that runs every night from Memorial Day weekend through September 30th every year. Each evening you'll enjoy God Bless America and the National Anthem before a U.S. Veteran's casket flag is lowered to the sound of Taps, approximately 30 minutes before sunset. We've seen this a few times over the past couple of years and it's a very humbling & moving experience.
American Flag on Sunset Beach in Cape May New Jersey

5. Sunset Beach Mini Golf: This is where you'll find one of our favorite mini golf courses in Cape May. It's situated right on the beach and has 18 fun holes! Our favorite time to play is right before sunset, because you get the MOST incredible views of the sun setting across the Delaware Bay. This is a fun mini golf course that your entire family will enjoy.
Atlantus Sunken Concrete Ship Sunset Beach Cape May

Atlantus Sunken Concrete Ship Sunset Beach Cape May

6. S.S. Atlantus: Is the infamous concrete sunken ship that sits right offshore! According to the history, only 12 of these concrete ships were ever put into service and the "Atlantus" was the second prototype, weighing a hefty 3,000 ton. In 1926 the "Atlantus" was towed to Cape May in New Jersey where it was going to be used as a ferry from Cape May to Lewes Delaware. While it was waiting for positioning, it broke loose of her moorings during a storm on June 8th, 1926 and went aground. Now you can see the sunken concrete ship (what's left of it) sitting right offshore.
World War II Lookout Tower in Cape May New Jersey

7. World War II Lookout Tower: Within walking distance you'll find the historic World War II Lookout Tower. You can walk around the tower and visit the memorial for FREE. However, if you want to go inside the tower for a tour, you'll have to pay a small admission fee for that. This tower was very important during World War II and you can learn more about it by reading the historical markers that are on the site.
World War II Bunker on the Beach Cape May New Jersey

8. World War II Bunker on the Beach: Within walking distance you'll find the historic World War II Bunker on the Beach. You can walk down the beach from Sunset Beach to Cape May Point State Park which took us about 12-15 minutes. It's a beautiful walk along the beach. You can NOT enter this bunker but you can stand up on the beach to look at it.
Hunting for Cape May Diamonds on Higbee Beach in New Jersey

9. Higbee Beach: Is located right beside Sunset Beach and no beach tags are required! There is a free parking lot right in front of Higbee Beach and you can go down there to sit on the beach, walk the beach or search for those beloved Cape May diamonds! In our honest opinion, we find better seashells and Cape May diamonds on Higbee Beach than what we do on Sunset Beach. Plus, it doesn't get crowded with people!
9 Fun Things to See and Do on Sunset Beach in Cape May

Every time we visit Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood or Cape May, we always plan to spend one afternoon in Sunset Beach! It's family-friendly and offers a lot of free and/or low-cost activities for you and your family to enjoy. As an added bonus, you get some of the prettiest views of the Delaware Bay and the sunsets at night just can't be beat!

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My son has gone to Cape May several times, but I have not yet made that trip. The evening Flag ceremony sounds very humbling.