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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Peter Grubb's Upper Hopewell Iron Forge

Peter Grubb's Upper Hopewell Iron Forge in Pennsylvania
We enjoy taking day trips all around Pennsylvania and especially enjoy visiting historical sites that are off the beaten path. While driving from Cornwall to Ephrata Pennsylvania we discovered a historical marker that sits right off route 322.

If you're unfamiliar with who Peter Grubb is...he was one of the most famous people in Pennsylvania who was a head iron master. He made Cornwall Iron Furnace famous in the United States and it was one of the biggest iron furnaces in the world. You can learn more about Peter Grubb and his family by visiting Wikipedia online.
Peter Grubb's Upper Hopewell Iron Forge in Pennsylvania

Today we wanted to share this historical marker and its information with all of you.

Site of Peter Grubb's Upper Hopewell Iron Forge - erected 1742 operated 1803. This ground is set aside as a Wildlife Sanctuary and a place of rest by Elise W. Bradley in Memory of Richard (Dick) Eugene Connelly 1931-1972. This tablet erected by the Lancaster County Historical Society in 1973.
Peter Grubb's Upper Hopewell Iron Forge in Pennsylvania

Like I said, we stumbled upon it by accident while traveling on Route 322 heading towards Lancaster. One of the locals in Cornwall told us about it, so we made a point to stop by to see it and photograph it. I'm so glad that we did!

There is a little pull-in parking lot where you can park. It's a heavily wooded area and there is a small stream nearby. You can get out of your car and walk around to take in the beautiful, natural site. As you can tell from our photographs, we were there during the Fall and the area's fall foliage was peaking and absolutely gorgeous to see!

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jopb said...

Before reading all your post I was not aware how many famous historical sites existed in Pennsylvania. I like to learn about iron masters and see beautiful areas.