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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Scenic Views of the Historic Gettysburg Battlefield

The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania
The Gettysburg Battlefield is part of Gettysburg National Military Park located in Pennsylvania. The national park encompasses many different things, including the battlefield, museums, cyclorama and more.

The battle started on July 1st in 1863 and continued for three long & bloody days. The main battle started on July 1st with Confederate troops attacking Union troops on McPherson Ridge, west of town. The Federal forces held their position until they were over-run and pushed back to Cemetery Hill, south of town.
The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania

On July 2nd, the battle lines were drawn and the battles continued. This is the day that General Lee ordered an attack against both Union flanks which practically destroyed Little Round Top and left the field littered with dead and injured soldiers. Their cries could be heard from miles away.

July 3rd was just as bloody as the previous day, when General Lee's artillery opened a 2-hour bombardment of the Federal lines on Cemetery Ridge and Cemetery Hill. The loud bangs from the cannons and guns could be heard for miles. This is the day that 12,000 Confederates crossed open fields toward the Federals and attacked them. This particular attack is called Pickett's Charge. Over 5,000 soldiers died within the first hour of the attack and the Battle of Gettysburg was over.
The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania

Above is just a very brief history of what occurred during those three days. I invite you to visit the Gettysburg National Military Park website to learn more, or better yet...plan a visit to Gettysburg to learn about it first hand. This is a great educational attraction for adults and families to enjoy!

We've covered the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum, Monuments Tour, the Cyclorama and many other tourist attractions right here on our travel blog. The purpose for today's feature is just to share a few photos with our readers that we previously didn't share. These photographs feature various views of the Gettysburg Battlefield and the surrounding area.
The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania

We wanted to show you bigger views of the Gettysburg Battlefield without focusing in on the hundreds of monuments that you'll see. I think these scenic views give you a good sense at how large the battlefield was. I think one of the best times to view these fields is during the Fall season when the leaves are changing colors and the weather is cooler. Just my 2 cents on that!

I really enjoyed walking around and exploring the area. I was really surprised to see all of the re-created stone and fence lines which are gorgeous to see! It gave me a good sense at what the area might of looked like back during the Civil War.  If you want to learn more about Gettysburg, you'll find a ton of travel features and reviews right here on our blog underneath Pennsylvania.
The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania

Note: All photos are clickable. Double click on each one to have it open up in a new browsing window and it will automatically enlarge it's size. This will allow you to see the smaller details while keeping our travel blog mobile reader friendly. Thanks!

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jopb said...

When you see the photos of the large fields it makes it easy to imagine how horrible the battle must have been with so many wounded and dead strewn all over the battlefield. I do want to visit there sojme day.