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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Stoever - Schick Building in Historic Downtown Gettysburg

The Historic Stoever - Schick Building in Gettysburg
When you visit Gettysburg in Pennsylvania you'll see a lot of historic buildings that played an important part during the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. Every time we visit Gettysburg, we locate more of these old buildings and try to visit as many of them that we can.

The historic Stoever - Schick Building is located in downtown Gettysburg, right on Lincoln Circle. If you're visiting the downtown business district, you can find it quite easily on the corner of Baltimore Street and Chambersburg Street.

Here's what the historical marker has to say about this old building:

During the Battle of Gettysburg this Federal style building, erected in 1817, housed Professor Martin Stoever's family and J.L. Schick's general store. As a result of the battle the building hosted a variety of unusual events.

Shortly after the fighting began on July 1st, the Stoever's quarters became an impromptu hospital for 20 wounded Union soldiers. Mrs. Stoever recalled the disruption in the house: "The Professor's recitation room became the amputation room..."

While the wounded were nursed upstairs three fugitive Union soldiers were secretly sustained in the cellar by the Professor until the Confederates found them on July 3rd.

Three days following the Confederate withdrawal, the Christian Commission took over Schick's store for their supply and distribution center, while the Stoevers ran an "open commissary" in their back yard, feeding an endless number of hungry soldiers.

Funding for this project assisted by NPS / American Battlefield Protection Program
The Historic Stoever - Schick Building in Gettysburg

The historical marker sits along the side of the building as you can see in photograph above. The business that's currently in the building is called "The House of Time" and they sell pocket watches, clocks, etc. They also do watch and clock repairs. It's a beautiful 3-story red brick building.

One of the best ways to see all of the historic old buildings in downtown Gettysburg is by parking your car and walking. I recommend that you head to Lincoln Circle (some call it Lincoln Square) and then work your way around the square. There are four main streets leading into Lincoln Square and I recommend that you walk 2-3 blocks down each street. You'll find all kinds of old buildings, historical markers and of course...modern day stores & businesses.

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I definitely would want to see the historic buildings in Gettysburg as well as the surrounding areas.