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Monday, February 19, 2018

Boutique Shopping in Downtown Stone Harbor

Shopping in Downtown Stone Harbor - New Jersey
We love visiting Stone Harbor and the Wildwood areas in New Jersey and go down to the Jersey Shore as often as we can. When we're in the area, I like to spend an afternoon or evening doing some shopping in Stone Harbor. Why Stone Harbor? Because you'll find some of the coolest boutique store in the state!

If you're heading to Stone Harbor to do some shopping, you'll want to head to the downtown business district where you'll find several streets lined with shops and boutiques. For the most part, you'll have to pay for parking if you want to park close by. If you want free parking, be prepared to park several blocks away.
Shopping in Downtown Stone Harbor - New Jersey

Here's a partial list of some of the stores that you'll find:

Seashore Ace
The Olive Tree
Trendz Home
Trendz Jewelry
Mimi's Shop & Suncatcher Surf Shop
Gypsy Lane Home
People People
Wayward Gardener
Jewelry Studio
Coastal Fix
Blue Eden & Sea Foam Soap
Hoy's 5 & 10
Island Art
Paisley Christmas Shoppe
Eco Alley
Global Pursuit
The Original Fudge Kitchen
Ocean Galleries
The Tea Shoppe at Stone Harbor
The Spotted Whale
Talk of the Walk
+ Many More!
The Walk at Harbor Square in Stone Harbor - New Jersey

Town Clock in Stone Harbor New Jersey

One of my favorite places to visit is The Walk at Harbor Square which is the heart of Stone Harbor's famous 96th Street shopping district. It's filled with specialty shops and eateries. It's beautifully landscaped and really nice to walk through.  You'll find at least 12 stores and eateries located within just that area and many shops and restaurants located up and down the same street.
Shopping in Downtown Stone Harbor - New Jersey

One of my favorite stores to visit is the Hoy's 5 & 10 which sells all kinds of beautiful jewelry items, apparel for the family, home decor & kitchen items, toys for the kids, beach items, cosmetics, OTC medications, beauty products and more. I love their variety of products and I certainly love their affordable prices. Every time I go in there...I purchase several items for myself and/or to give as gifts.

Seashore Ace is another store that I enjoy visiting! It's like an ACE Hardware store, but even better! I decorate my home in a beach & coastal style and I love going into Ace to find furniture, lighting products and coastal decor for my home. They have some of the prettiest and most unique items!
Stone Harbor - New Jersey - Water Tower

Please note...the majority of the shops & stores in the district do NOT have public restrooms! If you need to use a public restroom, you'll want to head to the marked Stone Harbor water tower and follow all of the public restroom signs once you get there. It's within a short walk from the downtown business area. Those are the ONLY public restrooms in the area that I'm aware of, besides the few you find at eateries and restaurants which are available to their patrons only.

Unlike some of your other seaside towns, Stone Harbor has their own unique "upscale" and "artsy" vibe. I admit, their prices are generally HIGHER than the prices you'll find on the Ocean City or Wildwood Boardwalks, but their quality of merchandise is a lot better. Yes, you can find some bargains and deals there, but it's not like the gift & souvenir shops you find on the boardwalk. Just wanted to give you a head's up on that.
Club 18 Mini Golf in Stone Harbor - New Jersey

We love visiting Stone Harbor in New Jersey and I always spend at least one afternoon or evening shopping in the downtown business district. After we're done shopping, we usually grab a bite to eat from a local eatery and then find a place to play miniature golf. One of our favorite mini golf places is called Club 18 and you'll find it nearby.

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