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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Great Minquas Path Historical Marker in Gap

Great Minquas Path Historical Marker in Gap Pennsylvania
We enjoy traveling around the great state of Pennsylvania looking for important historical markers which give us valuable information on our historical past. You can learn a lot from reading these historical markers and then getting online and doing some additional research. You can also visit nearby public libraries and/or historical societies to learn about the history on a particular area.

While traveling through Lancaster County, Pennsylvania we stumbled upon a historical marker located along route 30, Lincoln Highway in the town of Gap. You can park in the McDonald's parking lot and walk over to the marker (right along the road and in front of McDonald's) to photograph and read it.

Great Minquas Path

An Indian trail, which was later the original Conestoga Road, passed through Gap, half a mile south of here. Over it, in the 17th century Minquas (Conestoga) Indians carried quantities of beaver skins from the Susquehanna Valley to trading post near Philadelphia.

By: 1947 by Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.
Great Minquas Path Historical Marker in Gap Pennsylvania

According to wikipedia:

Great Minquas Path was a 17th-century trade route that ran through southeastern Pennsylvania from the Susquehanna River, near Conestoga, to the Schuylkill River, opposite Philadelphia. The 80-mile east-west trail was the primary route for fur trading with the Minquas (or Susquehannock) people. 

You can find all kinds of great historical markers that are located in Lancaster County. This particular area is very historical and millions of people travel through the area ever year. I'm always amazed at how many people drive by these markers and never give them a glance. It's a history that is being lost to the current generation and often times it's not being taught in school.

We love documenting the historical markers that we come across in our great state and we hope it inspires our readers to take a few minutes out of their day when they pass stop, take a look, read about them and then educate themselves a little bit more by looking up some additional information. It's information that we need to pass down to future generations that should never be forgotten or overlooked.

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