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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Old Train Station Wall Mural in Mercer County

Mercer is a small town that's located about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh and 1 1/2 hours south of Erie in Pennsylvania and is easily accessible from Interstate 80. The town was named after Brigadier General Hugh Mercer and became a rallying point for the Battle of Princeton. As soon as you arrive in the center of town, you'll immediately see the beautiful Mercer County Courthouse and Courthouse Square.

As we were exploring the downtown business area we stumbled upon a beautiful outdoor wall mural that was painted by local artist Nicole Renee in 2015. The mural measures approximately 20 feet by 25 feet in size. You'll find it located on the side of the Johnson/Odd Fellows building located on Mercer County Courthouse Square and it took the artist about 2 weeks to complete.
Old Train Station Wall Mural in Mercer County Pennsylvania

The mural design depicts the former Mercer train station, which stood between Scrubgrass Road and state Route 58. Tracks still can be seen by Tomeo Farrms. I bet this train station was beautiful back in the day and was one of the main transportation hubs in the area.

If you enjoy viewing outdoor wall murals and street art...I think you'll enjoy seeing this one. You can park along one of the streets or pull into the parking lot located around the Mercer County Courthouse. We were able to park (for free) and walk right up to the wall mural. With that said, I think it's best viewed from about 50 yards to 100 yards away. The closer you get to fades out, but the further you are away from it...the image is more crisp. My photo above was taken about 75 yards away.
Old Building in Mercer County Pennsylvania

Within a few yards of that beautiful wall mural we spotted this old building that is now part of the Mercer County Court House system. If you look around the area, you'll see a lot of the buildings around and including the Mercer County Court House are made out of red brick.

Every time we travel...we like to check out wall murals and street art that we find. If you enjoy seeing them too, you can check out our Street Art and Wall Murals section right here on our travel blog.

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