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Monday, July 2, 2018

Mountain Creek Riding Stables – The Perfect Beginner Experience

Mountain Creek Riding Stables in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania
Mountain Creek Riding Stables is one of the longest running stables in North Eastern Pennsylvania… and for a reason! We specialize in taking total beginners for their first ride. Our horses are well trained and gentle, good for children and adults alike. Anyone over 7 years old and 50” tall can go out with on our scenic trail with friends, family, or even just as a lone wolf in the group ride and experience nature in a whole new way.

Our 45-minute trail ride is just the right length for those who are un-accustomed to the saddle. It might seem like an odd number, but it’s long enough to truly enjoy the experience but not long enough for young ones to grow bored or adults to get sore.
Mountain Creek Riding Stables in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania
The ride goes out into the woods behind Paradise Stream resort, and depending on the time of year the ride can be quite different! In the spring sightings of young turkeys, fawns, and other critters are common; in the winter you’ll be more likely to see their tracks but will be enchanted by the quiet of the forest in the snow. Some people love it so much they make it part of their yearly vacation!

If horseback riding seems a bit too adventurous for you or you have children too young to ride then keep an eye out for our wagon rides! They go out WITH the trail rides (though the branch off at certain points) so if you have family on the trail ride you can see them up on horseback (and get some photos too!) Our wagon ride isn’t offered every day but feel free to call and we can let you know when the next one will be!
Mountain Creek Riding Stables in the Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania

If this all sounds like the perfect experience for you then no need to wait! Make your reservations now by clicking here or give us a call at 1-570-839-8725. We’d love to see you come out and make a new memory trying something new!

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