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Monday, August 20, 2018

The Historic Dellville Covered Bridge in Perry County

Dellville Covered Bridge in Perry County Pennsylvania
The historic Dellville Covered Bridge was built in 1889 and was located in Dellville, Perry County, Pennsylvania. The bridge was a three-span covered bridge measuring 174 feet long. The Burr Truss Bridge spans across Sherman's Creek and was painted in the traditional barn red color accented with white. The roof was painted black. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Back in November 2014 the bridge was burned down thanks to arsonists. Residents who live in the area were devastated by the news and were inconvenienced by its loss. Despite the fire, the remains are still standing today. From what I read online, the police are still looking for the arsonists and are offering a cash reward for information.
Dellville Covered Bridge in Perry County Pennsylvania

Perry County has been issuing requests for bids to rebuild the historic covered bridge and are currently accepting donations to the new bridge building project. You can contact the Perry County Historical Society for additional information and to make a monetary donation.

Photographs in our blog post today show you how the Dellville Covered Bridge looked in 2004 and then its charred remains in 2016. Let's all hope that the county can raise the money needed to have it rebuilt again. If it gets rebuilt, we'll be sure to update this post.

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