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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Spending the Day in Beautiful Cape May

Welcome to Cape May in New Jersey
I was 7 years old the first time that I visited the south Jersey Shore and I've been visiting the area at least twice a year ever since. When we go on vacation we enjoy staying in North Wildwood, New Jersey and then drive down to Cape May to spend the day. It's only a 12-15 minute drive and we take the scenic route down along the coast.

On a recent day trip to Cape May we enjoyed many different things. We spent a total of 7 hours there and here are a few of the things that we saw or experienced while we were there.
Beautiful Highbee Beach in Cape May, New Jersey

Horseshoe Crab Conservation on Highbee Beach in Cape May, New Jersey

Highbee Beach - If you're looking for a free and non-crowded beach you'll want to drive down to Higbee Beach, located right beside Sunset Beach. There is a free parking lot right out front and no beach tags are required. This is a non-protected beach...meaning that there are no lifeguards on duty. Bring your own chairs and towels. When you want something to eat or need to use the restroom, you can walk next door to Sunset Beach for those facilities. 

Our family spent a good 3 hours enjoying Higbee Beach and had a wonderful time. There were no crowds and we had plenty of room to stretch out. While we were there...we learned about horseshoe crab conservation from a wildlife ranger who taught us how to put the horseshoe crabs back out into the water if we found them washed up on the beach.. All of the ones we found that day were still alive and just needed to be turned upright (they were flipped upside down) and returned back into the water.
World War II Lookout Fire Tower in Cape May, New Jersey

World War II Lookout Fire Tower in Cape May, New Jersey

World War II Lookout Fire Tower - is located officially at Sunset Beach and was just a 4-5 minute walk from Higbee Beach. We walked up to the tower and strolled around the grounds. There are information plaques around the tower that will give you the history on it and the importance that it played during World War II. 

We had a few family members along with us who never been inside the tower (the museum portion) or climbed the steps to the top. Several of them paid the admission fee and made their way inside. They spent about 20 minutes viewing the photographs and climbing the steps to the top where they were treated to some incredible views of the surrounding area. 
Shopping at the Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey

Shopping at the Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey

Washington Street Mall - If you're looking to do some shopping while visiting Cape May, you'll want to head to the Washington Street Mall. You'll find oodles of different restaurants, cafes, gift shops, boutiques, candy stores, etc. All of the shops are small business won't find any big chain stores here!!! 

There are paid (metered) parking around the mall and during the summer season it can be hard to find a parking space. I recommend that you seek out one of the nearby paid (parking lots) and go there instead of driving around for an hour looking for a single parking space. This is an outdoor shopping mall, so you'll want to dress appropriate for the season and wear comfortable walking shoes. 
Cape May Miniature Mini Golf in New Jersey

Cape May Miniature Mini Golf in New Jersey

Cape May Miniature Golf - Our family loves playing mini golf and every time we travel we find a place to play. There are 3-4 mini golf courses located in Cape May, but this one is our favorite! It's an 18-hole course that is beautifully landscaped with some water features. They can get really crowded during the weekends (especially during prime time evening hours), so I recommend visiting during a weekday or early in the day on a weekend and parking is FREE!
Oyster Bay Restaurant and Bar in Cape May, New Jersey

Oyster Bay Restaurant and Bar - We love seafood and when visiting the area we enjoy dining at the Oyster Bay Restaurant & Bar. They can get very crowded so you'll want to call ahead to make a reservation (if you can) or visit during the non-prime time hours. I consider them to be a casual, fine-dining restaurant and be prepared, they're not cheap...however, their food is delicious and they definitely has the best seafood in Cape May. 

We had a great time spending the day down in Cape May and are looking forward to returning again next year. If you plan on just spending the day...I recommend allowing at least 6 hours in your schedule and that will depend on the activities that you want to enjoy. 

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