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Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Sights You'll See While Driving from Buffalo to Niagara Falls New York

Buffalo City Skyline in New York
A couple of months ago we took a road trip through western New York starting in Salamanca and ending up in Niagara Falls. Over the past few months we've written several different travel features and you can find all of them in our New York section right here on the blog.

While cleaning out some of our photographs from our road trip, we came across several of them that we had taken while driving from Buffalo up to Niagara Falls. These photo's feature some of the sights you'll see while on the drive up. Instead of just deleting them, we thought we would share them with all of you in this fun and informal post!
Grand Island New York - Toll Bridge

The first photograph in this post features the pretty skyline of the city of Buffalo. We took this one while city in a traffic jam on the interstate that runs through the downtown area of the city. It was stop & go and stop & go traffic for about two hours! What normally would take 10-15 minutes, took 2 hours to complete! Sigh.

We were driving on Interstate 190 and came across a toll bridge to get on Grand Island New York. If my memory serves me correctly, the toll fee was $1.00 and was the ONLY toll road that we encountered on this section of our road trip. I'm not a HUGE fan of big bridges, but this one wasn't bad at all.
Martin's Fantasy Island Amusement Park - Grand Island in New York

The third photograph features Martin's Fantasy Island Amusement Park that is located on Grand Island in New York. It sits right beside the main highway that runs across Grand Island. We passed by it and could see it from the highway, but sadly it looked closed on that particular day. The park has over 35 amusement rides and slides, along with carnival style games for the entire family to enjoy.
Bridge Art - Niagara Falls Expressway in New York

Once you get onto the Niagara Expressway you'll pass underneath a bridge that was beautifully decorated with a sailboat, water skiing and other designs that are popular in this particular area. You'll see that in the photograph above. The water that you see on the left in the photograph is the mighty Niagara River! It's a beautiful drive down the Niagara Expressway with plenty of scenic views!
Welcome to the City of Niagara Falls New York - sign

Within minutes, we saw the Welcome to the city of Niagara Falls sign! We knew that once we saw the welcome sign that we were almost to our final destination. Every time we travel, I always try to get a photo of the "welcome to state" and/or "welcome to city" signs that we see.
City of Niagara Falls New York

Once we arrived at our destination...we were standing on the 20th floor in our hotel and shot this picture out of our room window. It shows you some of the buildings in the downtown area...looking from the American side, over to the the Canadian side. The bridge that you see is called Rainbow Bridge and it will take you back and forth between both cities...Niagara Falls New York and Niagara Falls Canada. The tall buildings in the background are the hotels, motels and casino's on the Canadian side.
Niagara Falls State Park - Waterfalls

To finish up with this fun travel post, we thought we would include one photograph of Niagara Falls. We took this photo while visiting Niagara Falls State park. It was shot while standing on the United States side, looking over to the Canadian side. It shows all three of the waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

If you're interested in learning more about Niagara Falls State Park, places to stay, things to do and great places to eat, you can find all of those recommendations right here on our travel blog.

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