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Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Historic Sachs Covered Bridge in Adams County

Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
The historic Sachs Covered Bridge is located in Adams County and attracts thousands of visitors every year. A lot of people who visit it do so while visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield or while exploring the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail. It was built around 1854 and crosses the Marsh Creek, measuring 100 feet long by 15.3 feet wide.

If you're a covered bridge fan you'll notice this one is done in the traditional Truss Style with wooden beams that criss-cross to form a lattice. Like the majority of covered bridges in the state of Pennsylvania, its painted in the traditional barn-red color. In 1980 the bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

During the American Civil War it was used by both Confederate and Union armies to move men and goods across Marsh Creek. It has an extensive history and locals state that its haunted by ghosts. If you take one of the paranormal or haunted tours through Gettysburg or Adams County, they'll most likely point out the haunted history of Sachs to you.

You'll find it located on Waterworks Road in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Visitors to the site are welcome to walk across the bridge and take photographs. It's closed to vehicular traffic. There is a historical marker located on-site that you can read for additional information. It's one of the prettiest covered bridges in the entire state.

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