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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Best Place for Fudge and Candy in Ocean City - The Original Fudge Kitchen

The Original Fudge Kitchen in Ocean City, New Jersey
The Original Fudge Kitchen has locations in Ocean City, Wildwood, Stone Harbor and Cape May in New Jersey. The company specializes in creamy fudge and mouth-watering hand-dipped chocolates. They sell all kinds of different flavored fudge, caramels, truffles, chocolates, saltwater taffy, etc.

Every time we visit the Jersey Shore we make sure we stop into one of their locations to pick up some handmade fudge and a few boxes of chocolate. Matter of fact, we obtain a frequent buyer's club card a few years ago and use it to get a discount every time we're there! 
The Original Fudge Kitchen in Ocean City, New Jersey

If you're heading to Ocean City you'll find The Original Fudge Kitchen located up on the world famous Ocean City Boardwalk. Their building is easily recognizable due to the hand painted Endangered Sea Turtles Wall Mural painted on the side of the building by artist David Dunleavy. 

This company loves to hand out FREE samples of their fudge to passerby's, so make sure you stop in for your free piece! Often times you'll find one of the employees standing out front of the store with a large tray of fudge. Once you try a'll want more!!!
The Original Fudge Kitchen in Ocean City, New Jersey

So let's talk about some of our favorites! I enjoy their creamy chocolate, chocolate marshmallow and my husband loves their vanilla nut fudge. We also like their chocolate caramels, truffles, saltwater taffy, chocolate covered crackers, chocolate covered almonds, and well...we just like a lot!!! 

You can stock up on all of your favorites while you're there and once home you can pop them into the freezer. Yes, fudge and chocolate candies freeze well! If you're not fond of that idea you can go to their online website and place an order year-round for home delivery. In our honest opinion, they offer the BEST fudge and dipped chocolates at the Jersey Shore!!! 

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