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Monday, October 28, 2019

Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood

Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood, New Jersey
We love marine wildlife and every time we travel to the coast or to a tropical destination we take the time to go out on a dolphin and whale watching cruise. There is something magical about being out in the open water and cruising alongside the dolphins and whales.

The Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises is our favorite when it comes to dolphin watching in the Wildwood and Cape May area. The company has been in business for over 60 years and offers cruises every day throughout the summer season. Each cruise lasts for approximately 3 hours, so you really get your money's worth. 
Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood, New Jersey

Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood, New Jersey

There are three daily cruises from you to choose from (weather permitting) and its recommended that you make reservations ahead of time. You'll find comfortable seating and can choose to sit in the sun or the shade. All of their cruises are narrated by a marine biologist so you'll really learn a lot. You can purchase snacks and beverages on board to enjoy during the ride.

Here are a few tips to remember when taking a cruise

1. Dress appropriately for the current weather conditions. Bring along a jacket on cooler days as it can get quite breezy out on the water.

2. Wear comfortable walking shoes. You'll be doing some walking and many people enjoy standing when the dolphins and whales come into sight. 

3. Apply sunscreen before boarding and if you burn easily...bring it on board too! It's important to wear sunglasses and protect your eyes on those sunshine-filled days. 

4. Bring your camera! You can get some beautiful pictures while out on the water. 

5. Travel light. Don't bring a lot of bags and bulky items on board. Keep it simple, so that you can get up and walk around easily.

6. When traveling with infants and toddlers you'll want to bring along your diaper bag, bottles, etc. They do allow strollers on board. 

7. Please keep an eye on your children. Parents are responsible for watching them. Talk to them ahead of time about water safety, stranger danger, etc. Make sure they know the rules before you board. 
Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood, New Jersey

You'll find Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises located at 4500 Park Blvd. in Wildwood, New Jersey. You can call them at (609) 522-2919 for their schedule of operation and driving directions. You can visit their website at for additional information and find them on Facebook

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