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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cow Parade Street Art - Music COW Extravaganza

Cow Parade - Music COW Extravaganza Street Art in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
The Cow Parade is one of the largest and most successful public art events in the world. All of the life-size cows in the parade are painted by various artists from all around the world.  The finished piece of artwork is then put on display, sold or auctioned off to raise money.  Individuals, groups and businesses can sponsor an artist and/or artistic cow design.

According to their web site, over 250 million people worldwide have seen at least one of their artistic cows on display. I know here in south central Pennsylvania, I have seen at least a dozen of them. You'll often see them displayed at local businesses, tourist attractions or at community events.

We love street art and when we travel...we try to document what we see. Luckily for us, Harrisburg Pennsylvania and the surrounding area has several of the commissioned pieces on display. If you want to see a few of the other artistic bovines that we've located in the area, you can read our previous Cow Parade feature on that.
Cow Parade - Music COW Extravaganza Street Art in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Cow's Name: Music COW Extravaganza

Artist: Ophelia M. Chambliss

Location: Northwest corner of the intersection of The Harvey Taylor Bridge and Front Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you're traveling from the east shore over to the west short you'll see it on your right side. It basically sits on the banks of the Susquehanna River.

As you can see...this bovine is decked out in beautiful bright colors and has a music theme painted onto it. The first photo shows the Susquehanna River in the background. The second photograph shows houses & buildings along Front Street in the background. You can get some nice photos of it if you're walking the trails down at Riverfront Park which run along the Susquehanna River and Front Street.

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