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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Udderly Austin Cow Parade Street Art in Austin Texas

The Cow Parade is one of the largest and most successful public art events in the world. All of the cows in the parade are life-size and were painted by various artists. They are then put on display, sold or auctioned off to raise money. Individuals, groups and companies can sponsor an artist and/or artistic cow design.

According to their web site, over 250 million people worldwide have seen at least one of their artistic cows on display. I know here in south central Pennsylvania, I have seen them a few times...mainly at local tourist attractions and events. With that said, you'll now find these adorable bovines all around the United States and the World.
Udderly Austin Cow Parade Statue in Austin Texas

The Udderly Austin Cow Parade Statue is located in Austin, Texas. You'll find it along Lamar Boulevard, near Toomey Road. The sponsor for this statue is Schlotzky's. This is one of the BEST ones that we've seen yet!!!

Udderly Austin is totally decked out from head-to-tail in beautiful colors. If you look at the design it depicts the Austin skyline, buildings and lists some of the area's attractions. No part of this beauty was left untouched! I really love the artwork depicted on this one!

If you're a fan of the Cow Parade Street Art Statues you can check out our Street Art section here on the blog to see other's that we've documented while traveling. Each of them are unique and I love that they're predominately done my local artisans.

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