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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Five Below Wall Mural Street Art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known as the city of "Brotherly Love" and "America's Birthplace", but did you also know that it's home to the world's largest outdoor art gallery? There are more than 3,800+ outdoor wall murals in Philly and that number continues to grow. The murals are collaborations between the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and local citizens. You'll find thousands of beautiful murals painted on the outside walls of various buildings throughout the city.

On our blog today we're featuring the Five Below wall mural located at 8th and Market Streets in downtown Philadelphia. You'll find it painted on the side of an eight-story building. Not sure if the building houses office space or apartments. You'll find the Five Below logo located in the upper right corner of the mural.
Five Below Wall Mural Street Art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

After doing some research online I found that it was painted by Meg Saligman Studios who has provided many of the beautifully painted wall murals across Philadelphia. You can find a list of their murals located HERE. So far, we've personally seen three of them by this company.

If you look closely at the design you'll see frilly hats, lava lamps, whoopee cushions, squishy balls, dice, etc. The paint colors are bright and definitely eye-catching. I'm assuming its a newer piece since the colors are still bright and crisp. I don't see any fading or weather-damage to the mural.

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