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Monday, June 8, 2020

Delicious Chocolate Confections at Callie's Candy Kitchen

Callie's Candy Kitchen in the Pocono Mountains
We love spending time up in the Pocono Mountains and every time we go...I plan a visit to Callie's Candy Kitchen. You'll find Callie's located on route 390 in Mountainhome Pennsylvania. In addition to their factory locations, you'll find their delicious confections sold in some of the gift shops throughout the area. If your looking for Callie's Pretzel Factory, you'll find that located on Route 390 in Cresco Pennsylvania.

If you're a chocolate lover, you'll love Callie's smooth and creamy fudge, the chocolate dipped & covered pretzels, almond butter crunch, melt in your mouth truffles and all kinds of other chocolate confections. If your a classic candy lover, they have that too! You'll love their fruit slices, jordan almonds, peanut brittle, licorice, various peanuts & nuts for delicious snacking, hard candies, etc. Looking for just a few snacks? Yup, you'll find potato chips, pretzels, cheese balls and popcorn too!

We were just up visiting the Poconos and I actually found Callie's in one of my favorite resorts, the Mount Airy Casino Resort and couldn't resist purchasing three boxes of fudge. If you've never tried their fudge...well, you're missing out! It's the richest and creamiest fudge that I've ever tasted! Every time we are up in the Poconos, I buy several boxes and bring them back home. (hint: it freezes well). 

So, if you have a "sweet tooth" and love delicious confections, you'll want to visit Callie's Candy Kitchen for some mouth-watering treats! Can't visit? Don't worry, you can order their products online!

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