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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

John Bannister Gibson Historical Marker in Shermans Dale

Shermans Dale is small country town located in Carroll Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania. While passing through this small town we drove by one of the state's historical markers. You'll find it located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 850 and Mill Road.

You can briefly pull off the side of the road and quickly photograph it for your documentation. On the day that we were passing through, I couldn't get a "clean" photo of it due to the surrounding trees and ground clutter. So, the photo is partially obstructed as you can see.
John Bannister Gibson Historical Marker in Shermans Dale Pennsylvania

John Bannister Gibson Historical Marker

Born Nov. 8, 1780, in a house near here. Chief Justice of Pennsylvania 1827-51. This was also the birthplace of William Bigler, who was Governor of Pennsylvania, 1852-55; and U.S. Senator, 1856-61.

By: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

You can learn a lot about Pennsylvania's history by taking the time to visit the historical markers and memorials all around the state. We like to visit them, photograph them and then use the internet to learn more information about them.

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