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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lancaster County Covered Bridges Driving Tour

Lancaster County Covered Bridges Driving Tour in Pennsylvania
Did you know that Lancaster County has over 2 dozen covered bridges? They do! There are 25 beautiful covered bridges located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The tour is broken down into 5 smaller parts and is free to do.

Before you get started I recommend that you visit the Discover Lancaster website to download and print-out a free tour guide. It' includes all 25 bridges along with fun stops along the way. You'll drive through small towns, villages and hit the Amish countryside for some of the prettiest scenery in Pennsylvania. 
Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

The Covered Bridges Tour is broken down in 5 smaller tours. You can do a different one each day or cram them all in on one day. That's entirely up to you and the amount of time you have to invest. The 5 tours are as follows:

* Historic Rivertowns and Western Villages 
* Lititz and it's Countryside
* Northern Amish Countryside
* Scenic Parks & Preserves
* Southern Amish Countryside

The three photos shown in this post are: Forry's Mill Covered Bridge, Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge and the Shenk's Mill Covered Bridge from the Historic Rivertowns and Western Villages tour. There are a total of 5 on that specific leg of the tour. 
Shenk's Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Five years ago we decided we wanted to visit all of the covered bridges in the state of Pennsylvania. We've been documenting them on our travel blog. If you're interested in seeing them just visit the Covered Bridges section on our blog. We're hoping to have this checked off our bucket list (completely) within the next 2 years. 

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