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Friday, October 9, 2020

Fresh Produce at Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery

Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Strites' Orchard Farm Market and Bakery has been in business for over 100+ years! The farm is family owned and open year round. The market is open 7 days a week, hours vary depending on the day of the week and season of the year. You can find their full operating schedule on their website.

You'll find the market located on 1000 Strites Road in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you're unfamiliar with the's located in the suburbs in an area known as Chamber's Hill. It's approximately a 10 minute drive from downtown Harrisburg and a 15-20 minute drive from Hershey.
Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

We enjoy visiting the farm market and bakery every few weeks throughout the year and weekly during the summer months when my wife does a lot of canning. You can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. They offer meats, cheeses, milk and eggs from local farms in their small freezer section along with frozen soups and stews.

The bakery offers homemade pies, breads, whoopie-pies, shortcakes, rolls, doughnuts, muffins and cookies. They're made fresh and in my honest opinion...the best homemade fruit pies in the area. If you have a special request...don't be afraid to ask them!
Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

If you're looking for canned, jarred and bagged foods they have some of that too! You'll find homemade jams, jellies, honey products, canned & jarred fruits and vegetables, bagged candies, condiments, salad dressings, sauces, etc. They've been expanding their line the past year and I really enjoy finding new things to try.

Outside the market you'll find hanging flower baskets, indoor houseplants, outdoor floral and gardening plants, etc. Their prices are comparable to what you would find at your local home and garden store, but I think their plants look healthier. Just my two cents on that.

Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Strites Orchard Farm Market and Bakery
1000 Strites Road
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111
Phone: 717-564-3130

Overall their prices are a little more than what is charged at one of the local grocery stores but the produce is much fresher and better. You can get some good deals if you pick up what they call their "second picks" which are imperfect items if you're looking to save money or do home canning. You can contact them if you have any special volume requests or needs.

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