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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Laura's Fudge - The Best Candy Shop in Wildwood

Laura's Fudge and Candy Shop in Wildwood, New Jersey
We've been visiting the Stone Harbor, Wildwood and Cape May areas in New Jersey several times every year for the past three decades. Over the years we've purchased a lot of creamy fudge, saltwater taffy and other chocolate confections while visiting the shore.

The BEST fudge shop and candy store on the entire Wildwood island is Laura's Fudge located on 357 E. Wildwood Avenue. They're approximately 1 block off of the world famous Wildwoods boardwalk. They have their own parking lot behind the store that you can park in for FREE when visiting.
Laura's Fudge and Candy Shop in Wildwood, New Jersey

Laura's Fudge offers a ton of different fudge flavors. You'll find all of your classics like chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate peanut butter,  chocolate nut, peanut butter, vanilla nut, vanilla marshmallow, vanilla peanut butter and more. What makes them extra special are all of the other flavors that they offer too! You'll find strawberry, orange creamsicle, vanilla coconut, pistachio, cookies & cream, cinnamon bun, butter beer, pumpkin (seasonal) and more!

In addition to having the BEST fudge...Laura's has the BEST chocolate candies too! We enjoy their chocolate jordans, chocolate covered pretzels, butter creams, jellies, chocolate covered s'mores, chocolate dipped bacon, chocolate dipped fruits, non-pariels, turtles, coconut clusters, caramels, peppermints, peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cherries, bark, jordan almond, chocolate covered peanuts and many more!
Laura's Fudge and Candy Shop in Wildwood, New Jersey

When it comes to chocolate confections and mouth-watering fudge...Laura's is your one-stop resource when visiting the island. Everything that we've ever gotten from Laura's Fudge has been delicious. Too delicious!!! Trust try their confections one time and you'll be back for more. Not visiting any time soon? No worry, you can shop online too!

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