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Friday, October 29, 2021

The Craighead Family Historical Marker in Cumberland County

Over the last 12 years we've been following the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail all through our great state and documenting them on the blog. Millions of people walk or drive by these markers every year and never give them a second thought. They're a great source of historic information and we're trying to bring some much needed attention to them. 

While following the Historical Marker Trail through Cumberland County we came upon The Craighead Family historical marker located East Old York Road in South Middleton Township. You can pull off to the side of the road and easily photograph it for your waymarking records. 
The Craighead Family Historical Marker in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Here's what it says.

The 1886 house and surroundings were an inspiration to this family. Brothers Frank and Eugene became prominent entomologists. Frank’s nationally known conservationist sons, John and Frank, Jr., saved Yellowstone’s grizzlies, popularized falconry, inspired the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and contributed to National Geographic. Newbery-winning daughter Jean Craighead George wrote nature books Julie of the Wolves and My Side of the Mountain.

By: Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission.

There are at least a dozen other historical markers within a short driving distance from this one if you're following the trail. All of them have some interesting history behind them. We recommend grabbing a quick photo and then once you're home you can do proper research on the information that you found. 

If you're interested in following the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail and/or interested in waymarking them you can find additional information in our Historical Markers section right here on the Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog.

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