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Monday, November 28, 2022

Summerdale Centennial Historical Marker

The Summerdale Centennial historical marker is located on the property of Central Penn College along Valley Road in Summerdale, Pennsylvania. Valley Road can have heavy traffic at times, if you want to photograph this marker for your waymarking records...we recommend pulling into the parking lot of the Boyer House and walking through the property (yes, it's allowed) to get to it safely.

Summerdale Centennial Historical Marker

Summerdale Centennial 1909-2009

In 1902, a new park was to open near Enola. The West Fairview and Marysville Traction Company was to create a new summer resort. In 1903, A park and a pavilion with a dance floor were established where great dance bands of the era (pre-WWI) performed. 

In 1909, Harry K. Horner purchased the park, pavilion, and three farms. Mason D. Pratt, engineer, drew up plans for the town of Summerdale. City folks flocked to Summerdale to escape the heat and enjoy the park and dance hall. 

Information above is imprinted on the historical marker for your records. If you're going to park along Valley Road (and not pull into the Boyer House parking lot), you do need to be careful of traffic. There's not much room to pullover, so please...consider using the Boyer House parking lot.

You can find hundreds of different historical markers documented on the Pennsylvania and Beyond Travel Blog and you can follow the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Trail to learn more.

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