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Saturday, January 21, 2023

2nd Ward Fire Station Historical Marker in North Wildwood

Historical markers can be found in all 50 states and contain important information about our country's history. Some of the history displayed on these markers are national while other's point out local historical facts. Every time we travel, especially when on a road trip we seek out these markers and document the ones that we find as part of our waymarking records.

While down in North Wildwood in New Jersey we came across a brand new historical marker in the borough of North Wildwood. It's located right in front of Bubba's Liquor Store. Here's the information contained on it.
2nd Ward Fire Station Historical Marker in North Wildwood

Borough of North Wildwood 1906-1917

2nd Ward Fire Station

On March 1, 1907 citizens of the southern part of the Borough petitioned Council for fire protection in their neighborhoods. The headquarters of North Wildwood Fire Company No. 1, built on this site, was completed in December 1907. The building served as the 2nd Ward Firehouse until 1928 when the Company moved to 15th & Central Avenues. Morrow's Cafe and later Woody's Bar occupied the former Firehouse until it was razed in 2019.

City of North Wildwood, New Jersey. 

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