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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Old Sled Works Antique and Craft Market Closes After 30 Years in Business

Duncannon Beverage Co Antique Delivery Car

The Old Sled Works Antique and Craft Market was located in Duncannon, Pennsylvania. The building was owned by the old Lightning Glider Sled Company who started using it in 1908 to manufacture their world-famous Lightning Glider Sleds. The business officially closed in 1990 to re-open in 1991 as the Old Sled Works Antique & Craft Market.

On December 31st, 2022 the Antique & Craft Market officially closed it doors again. Before the official closing we went up to visit one last time. If you have never been's  a true piece of history inside and out! The building is iconic in the small town of Duncannon and inside various vendors sold their antiques and handmade crafts. 
Old Sled Works Antique and Craft Market

Vintage Lightning Glider Sleds at Old Sled Works in Duncannon
One of the things I always enjoyed seeing at the Old Sled Works were the antique cars, game machines, soda fountain, and sleds that were always on display. I always though that the place should be rennovated and turned into a small town museum and marketed as such. Visiting was educational just as much as it was fun! 

During our last visit in December 2022 we took the time to take photographs to mark its place in history and to share with all of you some of the things we saw once inside the historic building. We saw several antique cars and trucks, vintage TVs and appliances, classic pinball and video gaming units, old glider sleds, vintage kitchenware, collectibles of all types, antique furniture and so much more!
Old Sled Works in Duncannon Pennsylvania

Old Sled Works Antique and Craft Market in Duncannon Pennsylvania

We're sorry to see this small town business close its doors. We were told that several of their vendors were relocating to the antique market down in the Cove along routes 11/15 while others were still looking for a new place to sell their wares. We've featured Old Sled Works on the blog a few years ago and you can check out that post for information too.

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