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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Delicious Cheesesteak Subs at A & LP Foods in Wildwood

A & LP Foods in Wildwood New Jersey

Wildwood has thousands of dining opportunities in the area. You'll find all kinds of casual restaurants, fine dining, seafood, sub shops, pizza parlors, diners and more! Every time we visit the area we visit A & LP Foods located on New Jersey Avenue in North Wildwood. They've been in business since 1953.

A & LP Foods is a casual dining restaurant. You can dine-in or order takeout. On their menu you'll find various pizzas, hot and cold subs, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, various salads, stromboli, homemade soups, appetizers and more! However, we go there for their Philly Cheesesteaks because we think they're the BEST on the island!
A & LP Foods in Wildwood New Jersey
Over the past 3 decades we've tried a lot of Philadelphia Cheesesteaks while visiting Wildwood. Some of have been awful, others are okay...but NONE have surpassed the ones we get at A & LP Foods! They're our favorite! 

We like to call ahead to place our order and then go in to pick it up, especially during the busy summer season. During the off-season we will sometimes dine-in because the crowds are gone. Either way, their food is delicious and well-worth the try. To go along with our cheesesteak we order french fries and cole slaw. The perfect lunch or dinner.
A & LP Foods in Wildwood New Jersey
You can learn more about A & LP Foods by visiting their official website (includes directions and an online menu) or connect with them on Facebook. We think you'll love A & LP for Philly Cheesteaks and more!

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