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Thursday, December 28, 2023

How to Make a Quick and Easy Travel Sewing Kit

How to Put Together a Quick and Easy Travel Sewing Kit

Have you ever gotten to your destination and realized that your pants are missing a button? The zipper on your jacket won't work? A seam on your favorite blouse has torn open? We've all have had these type's of issues at one time or another when traveling. 

When we travel we take a little homemade sewing kit along with us. It doesn't need to contain a lot of things. Just a couple of basic items to get you through the emergency is all that you need. Here's what's in our little homemade travel sewing kit.

Thread - You want to make sure you have a few basic colors like white, black, brown, navy, yellow, red, green, etc. All you need is a little bit of each color. We cut them off the spool at home and wrap around a piece of acetate that fits within our little travel case.

Scissors - A small pair that you can pick up at a discount store like Dollar Tree.

Buttons - Various basic colors and sizes. 

Sewing Needles - I recommend that you have 2-3 in your kit.

Safety Pins - You should have at least 4 different sized safety pins. 

Travel Case - We have our little kit packed in an empty Altoids metal tin that used to hold mints! It's the perfect size and keeps everything protected.

How to Put Together a Quick and Easy Travel Sewing Kit

Those are the basics. However, if you wish to add a few additional things like snaps, self-adhesive velcro, a mini 12" long measuring tape, needle threader, rubber thimble, etc. you certainly can. We like to pack "light" so we keep our on-the-go travel sewing kit packed with the bare minimum.

If you end up mending something while's important that you refill the travel sewing kit once you return home. You don't want it to lay in your travel bag and then forget about replenishing it. Planning ahead and being prepared can help you tackle those little travel emergencies quickly.

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