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Friday, April 17, 2009

Pennsylvania Cherry Blossom Tree

Pennsylvania Cherry Blossom TreePennsylvania Cherry Blossom Tree

I love to take photographs, especially nature shots. I thought I would start a new section here on my PA Travel Blog of some photo's I take when I am out and about in PA.

Today, My mother and I took a long walk through our neighborhood (Harrisburg Area) and I was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful tree, which I believe is a Cherry Blossom Tree. It is completely in bloom and the fragrance coming from the little white flowers is awesome!

Pennsylvania Cherry Blossom Tree
We love taking walks through our neighborhood and the surrounding area during the Spring season to see all of the various trees and flowers in bloom. In addition, you can see a lot of our wildlife coming out of winter hibernation and beginning to forage and roam around. A fabulous time of the year to be in Pennsylvania!


Sophia M said...

You take absolutely beautiful pictures. How pretty this flower is.

ShellyH said...

Thanks Miss S, I love photography, especially nature shots.