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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Has Arrived In Pennsylvania #FallInPA

Fall Foliage in PennsylvaniaWhen people think of taking little trips to see the foliage here on the east coast, I really wish they would visit Pennsylvania.

We have hundreds and hundreds of miles of farmland, state game lands, mountains and forests...all of which showcase the beautiful foliage on our trees during the fall season. If you live in one of the urban areas, our trees are just as beautiful as the Pennsylvania country side.

A few days ago, we hit 65 degrees for a day time high, that is a little unusual for those of us who live in central PA. I have been getting outside and taking a few walks to enjoy the mild temperatures. While outdoors, I have been taking in the beauty of our area trees.

I am usually not fond of the fall season here because I know winter is approaching fast. However...when I look at the beautiful colors our trees are now exhibiting, it makes me happy to say...I live in PA.

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