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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Major Snow Storm For PA in 2009

We got our first major snow storm of the Winter 2009-2010 season on December 19th, 2009 and here in the Harrisburg and Hershey area, we received almost 9" of snow.

I think snow is really pretty as its coming down and for a few hours after its been laying on the ground. Here is Pennsylvania, we get a small amount of least compared to Erie PA, New York and the other Northern and New England States.

When it comes to can find a lot of activities to do outdoors here in Pennsylvania such as snow mobiling, skiing, snow boarding, sledding, ice skating, etc. Personally, I am not a fan of outdoor snow activities except for the ocassional ride on a snow mobile :)

Below is a picture of the snow mound right outside of my home. As you can see, snow isn't very pretty once it has been plowed and dirtied up by car and people traffic.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe winter!

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