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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pennsylvania Blizzards Times Two! PA 2010 Blizzard Photos!

2010 Pennsylvania Blizzard
If you have been listening to the news any where in the US the past week you most likely heard that the Mid-Atlantic States got hit hard with 2 blizzards only 4 1/2 days a part. Here in Pennsylvania, we got hit especially hard with close to 40" of snow in less than a week.
2010 Pennsylvania Blizzard
Personally, I am not a fan of snow as it keeps me house-bound and I like to be outside and I don't really enjoy winter outdoor activities other than power walking and you can't do that in 40" of snow. I did venture out to get a few pictures of the snow here in Pennsylvania and thought I would share a few photo's here on my Pennsylvania Blog.
2010 Pennsylvania Blizzard

I can't remember the last time that we got hit with 2 Blizzards in one week here in Pennsylvania. I am not sure if it has ever happened before (at least in my 43 years of life). I am looking forward to all of this snow melting so that I can get back outside and enjoy the sunshine again.

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