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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Springtime in South Central Pennsylvania

Springtime in South Central PennsylvaniaSeveral days ago....I ventured out into my backyard so that I could get some photographs of my apple tree which happens to be in full bloom. (see photo above). Our 2 apple trees decided to bloom 2 weeks earlier than what they normally do and I think that is because we had a week in early April of 80 degree temperatures. Now we are having a cold snap again and we can't even hit 70 for a high.

The 2 photographs below are of one of my Azalea bushes which are also in full bloom and bloomed about 3 weeks earlier than what they normally do.

Springtime in South Central PennsylvaniaSpring has officially sprung here in Pennsylvania along with all of the up & downs in spring weather that Pennsylvania normally experiences. We go from very warm days, to very cool days with frost warnings and back to being warm again.

Springtime in South Central PennsylvaniaAfter being slammed with a lot of cold winter weather...along with 2 blizzards in one week back in February, I am really ready for Summer to just get here!

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Pa-Dutch-Travel said...

Love the apple blossom photo. The blossoms are beautiful.