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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Nature Center at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary in Harrisburg

Nature Center at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary in Harrisburg If you live in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area or you plan on taking a little tip to should plan to spend an afternoon at the Benjamin Olewine, Nature Center at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary.

The Wildwood Lake Sanctuary and the Benjamin Olewine, III Nature Center offers a nice public place to relax, explore and learn about the wildlife that lives in the Harrisburg area. The Sanctuary and Nature Center are open daily from sunrise to sunset and the admission is 100% free. Wow, a free afternoon with the family sounds good to me!

Surrounded by an Industrial area, Wildwood is important to our local environmental preservation. The Nature Center's exhibits and activities are open to the public and they have programs for scout troops and school groups.Nature Center at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary in Harrisburg

When you visit the Nature Center and Lake Sanctuary you will find that it is home to over 150 species of birds and numerous varieties of plant and animal life thrive in the sanctuary. Six miles of trails traverse Wildwood and many are wheelchair accessible. Two boardwalks bring visitors up-close and personal with the wetland community just inches below the walkway. Along the trails you will find benches for sitting and relaxing and some spotting scopes so that you can check out and observe the wildlife.

Directions: The Nature Center and Wildwood Lake Sanctuary is located at 100 Wildwood Way in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. If you need additional information, call 717-221-0292 or visit their web site.

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Tara Burner said...

wow can tell how long it's been since I've been there...didn't realize Wildwood was in Hgb!
May be making a quick trip up there soon :)