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Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 Fun Things to See and Do in Hershey Pennsylvania

Hersheypark In Hershey Pennsylvania
Rides at Hersheypark
Are you planning a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania? If so, I thought I would share with you today the top 3 fun things to see and do in Hershey Pennsylvania. These activities are all family-friendly and great for couples to do too! The most expensive activity to-do on this list is a visit to Hersheypark.

1. Plan an afternoon trip to Zoo America, the North American Wildlife Park which is in downtown Hershey. The Zoo is open year-round and costs $10.00 per adult, $8.00 for children ages 3-8 years and kids under 3 are free. The Zoo only has animals that you would find in North America so you won't find lions, tigers and primates there. However, you will find alligators, snakes, various birds, bison, wolves, ducks & swans, prairie dogs, cougars, bob cats, black bears, turtles, tree frogs, deer, river otters, skunks, etc. A very nice smaller-scaled zoo that is very clean and well-kept.
The Hershey Chocolate Company
2. Plan an afternoon trip to visit Hershey's Chocolate World which is in downtown Hershey and open year-round. Admission is free for both children and adults. When you go into Hershey's Chocolate World you will first come upon the various Hershey theme'd stores which is called the Marketplace Shops. You will find an abundance of Hershey candy, Hershey souvenirs, gifts and other treasures in the marketplace and you will find a few fun places to eat at too! You can then get on the FREE chocolate tour ride which is really educational and fun for both kids and adults. During your ride tour you will learn about the history of Hershey's chocolate and the various chocolates that are made in Hershey.
The Kissing Tower at Hersheypark in Hershey Pennsylvania
The Kissing Tower at Hersheypark
3. Plan to spend an entire day at Hersheypark, the biggest amusement park in south central, Pennsylvania. The park features over 60+ amusement park rides for adults and children along with a waterpark with boardwalk. The amusement park is open from spring through fall and often holds special events. Standard admission for kids age 9 through adult is $55.95 per person, kids ages 3-8 is $34.95 per child and children under the age of 3 are free. Hersheypark is a fantastic amusement park and inside the park you will find various entertainment attractions too!
Hersheypark Sports & Entertainment Complex
As you can see, there are free, low-cost and more expensive fun things to see and do in Hershey, Pennsylvania. You can find various lodging arrangements nearby all three of these attractions. We hope you will pay our beautiful city a visit and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Hershey.

Note: At the time of this blog post & travel feature, all admission fees were accurate. Please check their individual websites for accurate & up-to-date information.

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