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Thursday, September 29, 2011

London 2012 Olympics Affordable Lodging Options

London 2012 Olympics Affordable Lodging Options
The 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and this time around the beautiful city of London in England is hosting the wonderful Olympics! I have always wanted to visit London and now that the Olympics are going to be there this seems to be the perfect time for me and my husband to take a second honeymoon and go to England!

I found a fabulous web site online called which is the "go-to" web site for finding the perfect lodging choices to plan a great vacation to London. You can find apartment rentals, house rentals, guest house rentals, etc. all with the click of a mouse! I love that you can read each rentals detailed information and most have photos so you can see them up front before making any reservations. There are many London Apartments for you to rent!

Besides the 2012 Olympics...London has a lot of great activities and things for you to see and do while you are there. You can visit local museums, shop the quaint little stores, hit the big retail stores, go biking, visit beautifully landscaped gardens, take in a few shows or music concerts, dine in fine eateries, have breakfast at a quaint little cafe, check out the Venice carnival, visit amusement parks and many other things...all while visiting the London Olympics.

If you prefer staying directly in Olympic Park you can find hundreds of Olympic Park Rentals on their web site too! If you are wondering what Olympic Events are going to be held directly in Olympic Park you can find that list on their web site too! All around Olympic Park you will find great places that serve delicious and affordable food, plenty of entertainment options and tons of things for you and your family to see and do!

I am really hoping that my husband and I can take a trip to London to see the 2012 Olympics for our second honeymoon as I feel it would be a trip of a Lifetime and something that we would always remember and treasure.

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