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Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Find Fantastic Travel Deals Online

How To Find Fantastic Travel Deals Online
My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past spring so we have spent a lot of time this past year traveling. So far we have taken 4 vacation trips and have been visiting some awesome travel destinations. Now that the year is starting to wind down we are already thinking about our vacations that we want to take in 2012.

One of the ways we like to find fantastic travel deals is by visiting various online travel sites. When you visit these types of sites on the web you can find great deals on airfare, train trips, bus trips, cruises, etc. I love that I can type in our desired destination and then type in our arrival and departure dates and within seconds a list pops up of all of the deals that you can consider when making your travel arrangements. Fast and easy!

Just a few weeks ago I used an online travel site and I was able to snag hubby and I a great deal on a beach resort vacation at the Jersey Shore and we leave in 3 weeks for that! I got a great deal on our hotel accommodations and we decided to get a rental car and I was able to get a great deal on that too...all by booking our travel arrangements online! Overall, we estimated that we are saving about 35% which feel is a great deal!

Next year we plan on taking a 2 week vacation down to Florida so that we can visit some of their beaches, NASA, Epcot and of course Disney World! I know when I go to book our Disney vacation I will again be using online travel sites so that I can get the best deal! These days if you are doing any type of traveling...I highly suggest you visit these types of web sites so that you can make all of your travel arrangements in one place and get a great price on them!

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