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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mom's Glass

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

Mom is really into collecting all types of things but there’s nothing like her ridiculous glass collection. She’s got all kinds of glass dishes and glass frames and just glass EVERYTHING and it’s getting so out of control she had to move! She said her old house didn’t have enough space for her collection and she was afraid things were going to get broken so anyway, I helped her find the new place and even get Home Security System equipment so she wouldn’t have to worry about the security of her stuff while she was out and about. I mean, I don’t know who would want to break in and steal thousands of pounds worth of glass but she seems to be convinced somebody would. I don’t want to say my mom’s lost it but she’s definitely going off the deep end a little bit. I’d like to have her come live with me but there’s no way she’d be allowed to bring all her glass and she’s not going anywhere without it, that’s for sure!

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